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10 ways: How To Know He’s Cheating

10 ways: How To Know He's Cheating

10 ways: How To Know He’s Cheating

10 ways to know if your partner is cheating on you

This Article is meant to be treated as it concerns both gender ( Vice Versa)

How do you know if your partner is cheating? If you’re asking this question I’m sure you’re already suspecting that your partner is cheating. Here are some signs you’ll use to know if your partner is cheating. They include;

  1. Guard their phones and gadgets at any slightest moment; A partner who’s cheating will always keep their phones away so as not to get caught.

They suddenly start locking their phones even though they were totally unlocked from the onset. It becomes a problem if you touch their phones without their consent. When are present they could show you only specific places on their phones and not allow you access everywhere so you won’t find out.

2) Fewer conversations: The conversation starts becoming slimmer as their emotions are fading off. And since they are cheating, they’ll have limited conversation with you because they are engaged somewhere else, remember no one can serve two masters.

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3) Disappearance  becoming too busy): Cheating partners always have excuses. They tend to have silly excuses that you did not even get from the onset. They becoming too busy at work and even at the slightest things they do. When you call they may just hang up the call saying the are busy and would never call back. This is because they are now available for someone else and they start giving you less time and excuses hence disappearance.

4) Lack of interest; As emotions are fading off so is their interest. They do not find their partners attractive anymore hence their lack of interest. You suddenly become the person they didn’t marry or date. This indicates that something else is taking their interest and that’s why they are now loosing interest.

10 ways: How To Know He’s Cheating

5) Less attention and care: when there’s no interest anymore then there’s no attention and care, as a person cannot care for whom he’s not interested in. Here, conversations start becoming cold. You start seeking ways to get back their attention and you start wondering where you’ve gone wrong. You start looking for what to do to get back their attention and care but sadly, you may never do anything as their heart is now somewhere else.

6) They become hostile towards you; A sudden dislike or unfriendliness is a clear indication that they are cheating. A cheating partner start being judgemental about everything. Nothing pleases them anymore, they start seeing you as a very horrible person. Begins to ask if you truly appreciate everything they’ve been doing for you and they start getting too pissed over little issues and every conversation turns to an argument or a fight. This is a clear indication they are seeing someone else.

7) They become uncomfortable around you: A cheating partner will always be uncomfortable as they are battling with guilt of cheating and hoping you won’t find out whenever you two are together. They’ll always have limited things to say so as not to let the cat out of the bag. They will not be free anymore obviously they are hidding something.

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8) Their schedule no longer include you; A cheating partner will always exclude you from their schedule as their partner becomes unimportant to them. They could claim that their schedule has been altered and that can be a lie. They just do not want to own up to the face that they are seeing someone else. Here, you’ll start noticing sudden unavailability and excuses and so on. They just included someone else in their plans and schedule.

10 ways: How To Know He’s Cheating


9) They start becoming secretive; A cheating partner will always hide vital information from you as they no longer see a future with you. And they start updating their new affair and leaving their partners vague. They can no longer confide in you because they are no longer interested. You start feeling the space, and sometimes you get to know about something that occurred in their lives from someone else.

10) Less connection and intimacy; Once your partner start cheating they’d no longer be a serious connection or intimacy. This is because they now have a divided attention and their mind is fixed elsewhere. They tend to give their energy and connectivity to the new partner and at such there’s an emotional reduction in the previous relationship. Here, you’d have lack of strong bond and connection.

10 ways: How To Know He’s Cheating

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