Abduction of Mando Federal College of Forestry and Mechanization Students A time for deeper reflection – Dr Gumi


No words can condemn the savagery and inhumane treatment these innocent students are going through at the hands of their kidnappers. It’s unfortunate and reprehensible.

The kidnappers are people who don’t comprehend the consequences of what they are doing. They want to pull down everybody with them down the drain.

To find a permanent solution to this barbarism, we need cool brains to workout practical steps for the nation to come out of these vicious circles of mayhem.

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This was contained in a statement he issued in one of his social media handles, on the 14th of March, 2021.

The full text of the statement reads in part.


Emotions, sentiments, and wishful thinking can only make things worse.

This is not a working field for Politicians and the press, but rather for social scientists, criminologists, and economists.

We thank Allah, the kidnappers are not ideologues, and their demands are always economic or social. From hence we can guess where to start if we are wise.

With an overstretched military and the fortresses of the forest capitalized by the enemy, and so many villages and hamlets settled by civilians interspersed, a full-scale military invasion would be disastrous with great loss of lives, IDPs, and human sufferings on both sides.

The militant Fulani herdsmen are natural warriors, now bound by ethnic bonds. With good incentives and arbitration, they are the most effective tool to suppress this complex intricate socioeconomic crisis and untangle the dilemma and solve the puzzle.

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The Good tidings is that majority of them are ready.

I know politicians may say they are unreliable. This is the same thing they say of the politicians. And me and you, know that.

If reliable well-meaning people can go in between, then we believe some peace will be immediately achieved, and subsequently, with an energized program of societal reconciliation, rehabilitation, and reparations sanity can prevail and peace can come back from its long recession.

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As we pray for their urgent release, let us ponder for the best way out.

May Allah be our protector and guide. Amin.




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