Senator Nwaoboshi , Undisputed Political Leader of Oshimili North


At a critical moment in the life of Institutions groups or even nations, there is often a man of the hour. It is arguable, however, whether the hour produces the man or it is the man who creates the social-economic and political forces that propels him to greatness.

In exceptional cases, however, you can have the outstanding of a man who is glaringly a product and at the same time a creator of the forces which determines the desired changes and direction of development.

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The Introduction of positive and fundamental changes means going up the hills. You are bound to meet with resistance from vested interests, entrenched society magnates, and killers of ideas, such an apostle of change must be a man of vision and change, dedication, commitment, broad-mindedness, bigheartedness, and farsightedness.

A man who is prepared to make a sacrifice and whose critical assessment of the situation will lead him to re-adjust and accommodate without losing focus and effectiveness; prepared to stamp his personality on the organization; take control and swim against the tide without being swept adrift by the current.

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The people of Anioma Nation (Delta North) and Nigerian, in general, have found in the performance of Senator Peter Nwaoboshi, Since his inauguration as Distinguish Senator of Federal Republic of Nigerian since 2019, his proactive representation of Anioma Nation at the upper chamber has brought peace, security, Human capital development Is best being executed, making the Delta North Senatorial district one of the models in Nigeria.

This could be seen in the various project he attracted through NDDC as the Chairman, Senate Committee of Niger Delta. Senator Nwaobishi is a man of courage, vision, and a man who believes in equity and fair play; and because of his theory of equity and justice, he has faced persecution by previous governments.

But because of his strength of character, fearless with an indomitable way, and rugged determination to succeed, Senator Peter Nwaoboshi refused to be bent under any negative force or pressure as one of the oldest and proactive politicians in Delta state who has paid the price politically, the entire Anioma calls him POLITICAL ENCYCLOPEDIA.


It’s so unfortunate that some overzealous Baby Politicians in Anioma Nation, mostly Oshimili North do not know the Political value of our dear Superior leader (senator Peter Nwoboshi).

It is painful that most of the baby Politicians in Oshimili North Local Government Area who are yet to graduate from the “Political School of Thought ” now claims to be our new Superior/maximum leaders of our dear Oshimili North Local Government Area and them by stepping their feet into big shoes(OVER-SIZE) of our Distinguish Senator Peter Nwaoboshi “what a calamity”.

We the entire people of Anioma Nation want to use this medium to appeal to our political father, leader, the gods of politics in Oshimili north, the voice of the voiceless, the philanthropist of our time.

The Political Oracle, the political earthquake of Delta state to forgive them for they do not know what they do, hence the Holy Bible says that a prophet is not recognized in his kingdom. Heavens and Earth know that you are the Undisputed Political Leader of Oshimili North Local Government Area.

By: Okolie Mayor Charity

Source: Grassroot Publishers Network.



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