Attack on Governor Ortom: ‘My security man hit one of the attackers as I run to safety


Govnor of Benue State, Samuel Ortom has reveal that one of his security man was shoot by one of the gunmen that attacked them in his farm.

The governor say this in one interview at Abuja.

He said as his security personel engaged in the attckers and he ran for his safety, ”thanks God the bullet didn’t meet me” he said.

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He further added that one of his security man tell him that he hit one of the terrorist and that the villagers also confirm that attackers ran with someone that was wounded

The governor cried out to Nigerians on the 21st of March that armed gunmen attack him as he was inspecting his farm that was located in Tyo-mu along Makurdi-Gboko Road.

The governor said he was lucky that none of his people that follow him die.

Many Nigerians had reacted to this recent attack on the governor – even the president Muhammadu Buhari has order the investigation of the incident.

Combined team of securities have started their investigation on the farm and they’ve clear some of the makeshift tent in the area.

Operation Commander of Operation Whirl Stroke, Major – Gen. Adeyemi Yekini, tell the villagers that they have catch some people and they are asking them questions.

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But the governor said the arrest of three fishermen shocked him as those that attacked him are not fishermens but Fulani Herdsmen.

‘It’s only restructuring that will solve our security issues’
The governor said that to solve the security issues in this country, restructuring needs to be embraced.

For sometime now, different group and region has been agitating for the restructuring of the country as they believe that the recent political and governance structure of this country isn’t working again.

The governor said this is the time all stakeholder in Nigeria business have to sit and look at which political system is okay for the growth and development of the country



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