Why Nnamdi Kanu Call For Biafra Nation Shouldn’t Worry Nigerian’ s


Nnamdi Kanu and some Igbo youth’s agitation for the Biafra nation should not bother Nigerians much because their struggles lack support to make it stand.

In my view, the entire Igbo people are too scattered to make it happen plus undefeatable external factors that will stop Biafra from becoming a reality. “Every kingdom that divides against itself is brought to desolation and every house that divides against itself can’t stand.”

This is what may happen to Nnamdi’s Biafra. Below are more reasons why Nigerians shouldn’t worry much about Biafra agitation.

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1) Powerful Igbo political, traditional, and religious leaders have rejected the call for the creation of Biafra in the south-east. Sometimes in 2017, top Igbo leaders met in Enugu city

the Igbo’s heartland to discuss the agitation. The governors, religious and traditional leaders, and lawmakers declared their full support for united Nigeria.

In case you wish to confirm what I said, click here to see the full report by BBC. The Igbo leaders have made the right decision here. I think anyone who has experienced the trauma of civil war that lasted in 1970 will never support Biafra.

This could be the reason why most of the protesters are young men who only heard the story of the war that claimed the lives of over a million people.

In another meeting which south-eastern governors held to address the issue of Biafra agitation which Ohanaeze Ndigbo refuse to attend, governors set a committee of elders to meet president Muhammad Burahi to ask him to address the lack of infrastructure and development in the South-east region.

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2) Niger Delta, Northern Nigeria, and the South-west are not in support of the Biafra nation. The politicians and community leaders of Niger Delta have long dissociated themselves from Biafra agitation and have issued a strong warning to agitators to keep of from the oil-producing region.

Chief Anabs Sara, a popular Ijaw leader once said that Niger Delta is not in support of Biafra or any struggle to break up Nigeria. According to Daily Trust, Sara further says,

“When the Niger Delta youths gave an ultimatum to Hausa and Yoruba, we condemned it in its totality. We believe that Nigeria is one and every Nigerian has the right to reside in any part of the country. We need peace in Niger Delta. We want people to come to Niger Delta and invest,”

Furthermore, the warning Rivers state governor, Nyeson Wike gave a popular Biafra agitator, Asari Dokubo to stop agitating for Biafra in his state is proof that the political leaders of the Niger Delta are not in support of Biafra.

3) Most educated Igbos aren’t in support of the Biafra nation. I haven’t heard that professors or high-class Igbo men and women have joined the protest.

For example, a columnist with the Vanguard newspaper, Ochereome Nnanna points out that most of those protesting for Biafra in the streets of the South-east and south-south states are young men who were born long after the civil war and whose elders must have told the stories about Biafra.


Ochereome in his article says,

“Kanu’s incendiary broadcasts have succeeded in mobilizing millions of Igbo youth worldwide, who have been disturbing the peace of Nigeria embassies and officials around the world.

Nnamdi Kanu and his cohorts ought to be told how Col. Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu had declared the former Eastern Region as the Republic of Biafra but ended up with a war that was fought between the Igbos and the rest of Nigeria, which the Igbos hopelessly lost.”

4) The Igbo people, more than every tribe in Nigeria have settled in different parts of the country: running their various businesses. Most of these Igbo people will prefer to stay where they are just like Nnadi Kanu Is living in the UK.

All these puts together have the potential to thwart the achievement of the Biafra nation. The one and the only thing Nigerians and the Nigerian government should worry about is the insecurity and it can be stopped by deploying a large number of Nigerian troops in the affected areas.



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