Five (5) important dresses a woman should wear in her lifetime.


When a child is born into the world, it’s eighter a boy or a girl, and this brings joy to the family, friends, and well-wishers.

The journey of life begins immediately, and every parent strives to give their child the best in life irrespective of the great challenges and hurdles accompanied with it.

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But the girl child stands out as this is the purpose of this article. she grows up passing through the stages of life to become a woman.

And as a woman, the followings are the different kinds of dresses expected of every woman.

1. School uniform – When a child grows to the age of going into school, she must wear a school uniform

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2. Matriculation gown – Also as she finishes her early life school, she will seek to advance her education which will make her enter into a tertiary institution where she must matriculate.

3. Graduation gown – After passing through the academic expectations of the institution she has to graduate, which will at that point make her wear the graduation gown.

4. Wedding gown – It’s expected that upon graduation she will get married and start-up life of her own family’

5. Maternity gown – In few months after wearing the wedding gown, she expected to start bearing children and this is where she will be meant to wear a maternity gown

Let our daughters know;

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That if any girl skips the 2nd dress, she will not get to wear the 3rd.

Daughters must not rush to wear the 5th just because a man has promised them the 4th

More so, the 4th fits better and more prestigious if worn before the 5th.

They all and individuals must learn to wait and follow the dress from 1 to 5.



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