18 persons allegedly killed in Gombe, Adamawa States


Eighteen corpses are said to have been recovered from the four Lunguda Communities attacked and reduced to ashes by a suspected Waja militia group in the northeast states of Adamawa and Gombe.

A local source from the affected Communities stated fifteen people have been killed in Nyuwar and Jesu in Gombe State while an escalation of the attacks on some villages of Walu tudu and Lamja in Dukkul Ward, Guyuk Local Government Area of Adamawa additionally recorded three deaths killed.

Although there is no official security affirmation from both states, local hunters and vigilante teams who had been mobilized to assist confirmed the figure, expressing concern that casualty could also be greater.

Tension and anxiety are mounting in most of the communities along the borders between Gombe and Adamawa State as villages inhabited by Wajas and Lungudas were utterly abandoned for fear of assault.

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Although Gombe State has sent in a detachment of army personnel to revive peace and order to the communities of Nyuwar and Jesu in Gombe State, it was not, however, confirmed if Adamawa has done the same to forestall additional escalation.

Waja/ Lunguda hostilities which started in Adamawa State early last year resumed in Gombe State where communities predominantly inhabited by Lunguda were selectively attacked and houses burnt down.

The Chairman of Guyuk Local Government Shalom Kassa whose village was allegedly affected couldn’t pick repeated calls to confirm the incident.



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