The unhappy player, as football leagues begin matches


As top flight football leagues begin matches across the world in the shadows of the COVID-19 tsunami, all variations of players are happy — except one. That football lover that would rather share 90 minutes with a neighbor he doesn’t know his first name, than face his TV alone. Let’s meet the happy ones first.



Top-flight or low flight, football matches set 22 matured humans running after a round leather for all of 90 minutes split in two equal halves.


While these sweaty, panting, spitting, mischievous, sneaky, winking, biting, speedy, mercurial and Field Marshal-like varieties of God’s creation are the center of attraction, there are other “key” players, such as rabid betting masters, that stare at the TV screens and scream at players for missing a sitter or a defender that lets through a strike or striker.


As football leagues resume, these ones are not interested in who wins matches or cups. As far as they are concerned, any player, referee or, in recent times, VAR that renders his betting ticket useless is an enemy of the state.



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