Babangida clears the military of creating Nigeria’s problems


countryMilitary President of Nigeria, Gen Ibrahim Babangida (retd) has reacted to statements that the Nigerian Military created the big challenges the country is facing today.

Speaking during an interview with Channels TV on Friday night, the previous leader said that it had been silly to accuse the military of bringing hardship and other problems on Nigerians.

He said that while he was in power from 1986 to 1993, civilians were those running the institutions. He urged Nigerians to carry people who ran the institutions accountable.

Babangida said the military created the framework for civilian administration to work on infrastructure, democracy, and a free-market economy, which Nigerians enjoy today.

He also added that military regimes in Nigeria built the simplest and lasting infrastructure within the country because it doesn’t have politics and other things to deal with. IBB noted that the military sees capital projects as a necessity for the people.

He said: “You were there to point out us how the government officials operate, how the system works; the institutions of governance. of these are civilians’ prerogative.

“We didn’t create problems. We created the framework for subsequent administration to create on: infrastructure, democracy, and a free-market economy.

“We were ready to capture and convey to our country what the planet is doing.


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