Simi shares tips about how to stop being insecure


The Duduk singer took to her Instagram story to share the tips throughout a question and answer session.

A fan had asked the mother of one to share tips on stop being insecure and she replied “You need to realise your self-price should never come from anybody that’s not you. You’re enough since you are. You’re particular since you are. Not because people say you might be. Don’t let fickle human beings decide how you feel about your self. If you see that you’re doing something to impress people, don’t do it. Be comfortable with people not liking something you like and so forth…Ya dig?”

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Another fan-requested, if she can be pleased, should her daughter Deja change into a musician, Simi responded “I will likely be happy as long as she’s happy”.

Simi additional revealed that she is working on another album from her IG story.


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