Ay-z & Monogram Looking To Pick Apart ‘hypocrisy’ In National Marijuana Laws


JAY-Z launched his MONOGRAM cannabis business in October 2020 and the brand ignited another campaign on Monday (March 1) spotlighting the hypocrisy and unfair regulations currently being upheld in the United States when it comes to marijuana.

“Cannabis laws are out of date and disproportionately cruel and punishing when compared to the rest of the legal code,” Hov relayed in a statement. “We still don’t have proper regulation for texting and driving in Missouri, but staying home and smoking weed will get you locked up.”

Jay continued, “I created this campaign to amplify the voices of those who have been penalized for the very same thing that venture capitalists are now prospering from with the emerging legal cannabis market. Far too often we forget that these are real people whose everyday lives and futures have been affected by this outdated legislature – people like Bryan Rone, who can no longer pursue a career in sales because of a cannabis-related conviction in 2003.”


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