‘We get tired, we get frustrated’ – Actor, Lateef Adedimeji laments bitterly


Sensational Nollywood actor, Lateef Adedimeji has taken to Instagram to express his displeasure about how frustrating and tiring it is when a celebrity is trolled and bullied.

According to Lateef, words are powerful and they mean a lot to them which is why he would ask that celebrities be shown love and corrected with respect and not by bullying.

In his words;

“There are days I walk into my house, exhausted and tired from the day’s stress, yet all that keeps me going is the smile I put on the faces of those who get to watch me on the screen.
We get tired, we get frustrated, we get broke and we get broken. It is rather unfortunate that many see us as heroes who should never fall and some of us try to be as much good role models as we should be. Your words usually mean a lot to us, always endeavour that your words do not bring us down. If you truly love us, if truly you are our fans, then encourage us, show us love and if we need to be corrected, do so with a sense of respect and humanity.”


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