British singer Rita Ora vows to quit partying to save her voice

FEBRUARY 20, 2021: SYDNEY, NSW: (EUROPE AND AUSTRALASIA OUT) Singer Rita Ora poses during a photo shoot at the Sydney Opera House in Sydney, New South Wales. (Photo by Sam Ruttyn/Newspix via Getty Images)

Popular British singer, Rita Ora’s 30th birthday celebrations hit the headlines last year for breaking lockdown but now, the singer has vowed to quit wild nights out when restrictions are lifted.

In November, Ora was caught by police hosting a birthday bash for friends at a London restaurant and had to make a public apology, promising to pay any fines. However, the Bang Bang singer has now said the reason she wants to stay at home is that she wants to save her voice, and she’s tired from being older.

Ora told The Sun: “I feel like as soon as you hit 30, the next day everything changes. You start feeling like you’ve got wrinkles, as though your joints are hurting you. I can’t do what I used to do any more.”

She added: “I can sing better, not lose my voice as much. Why do you always shout when you go out? Obviously, if the music is on, you have to shout over the music, but even when there is no music we seem to shout. You have to vocalise everything.”

Ora’s controversial party was closely followed by the discovery that not only did she break lockdown rules, she should also have been isolating as she had recently returned from a work trip to Egypt.

The star, whose mum works for the NHS, said in her apology at the time: “I’m deeply sorry for breaking the rules and in turn understand that this puts people at risk.

“This was a serious and inexcusable error of judgement. Given the restrictions, I realise how irresponsible these actions were and I take full responsibility.

“I feel particularly embarrassed knowing first-hand how hard people have worked to combat this terrible illness and being fully aware of the sacrifices that people and businesses have made to help keep us all safe.

“Even though this won’t make it right, I want to sincerely apologise.”


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