11 Ways To Make a Girl Miss You On WhatsApp

11 ways to make a girl miss you

Have you ever tried to make a girl miss you on WhatsApp, but you still haven’t been successful? Do you want her to miss you, stop sending messages, but you don’t end up resisting, and start talking to her?


WhatsApp today is a very important tool for communication, it practically retired the phone, and it is a very interesting resource also for the conquest, as it will close the distance between you, in addition to being an effective weapon against shyness.

But what to do to make the girl miss you on WhatsApp and, consequently, she is dying to talk to you?

You will learn some tips that will show you how to make the girl miss you on WhatsApp, so that she gets closer to you, using longing as your main tool.

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1. First trick is “Don’t text all the time”

If you want to make the girl miss you on WhatsApp, the first tip is kind of obvious, but you can’t text her all the time, every day.

Some people like to send, every day, good morning messages, good afternoon, good night, memes, videos, music, and this makes the girl not only not miss you, but also ends up becoming something quite irritating.

You may notice that, if you already do this, the girl rarely responds to these messages. She usually visualizes and stays there. So the first and most important step is, stop texting the girl.

2. Make yourself difficult.
Another important tip for the girl to start missing you is to start making yourself difficult on WhatsApp. If the girl is starting to have a certain interest in you, she will possibly send you messages every day.

But women are not desperate like men, they send messages at the right time, waiting for you to answer them. At these times, you need to know how to make yourself difficult.

If she asks for your opinion on a video, or asks you something related to a song, or various subjects, make it difficult, say that you already answer and wait for her to charge you.

But importantly, you need to make it difficult, but be careful not to look like you’re snubbing the girl.

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If the girl asks you for the message you sent and you still haven’t responded, it is a sign that she is already missing you.

3. Preview and delay responding.
You may already know that women are very anxious, and also suspicious. And a way to leave her with the flea behind her ear is to visualize the message she sent and not respond right away.

Wait a while to respond, make her look forward to a message from you. In this way, she will probably send that typical message of someone who is missing someone: “Hi guy, how are you?”

Another way to make the girl very curious is, right after she sends you the message and her status is online, she will probably be looking at the cell phone waiting for your answer.

A very “nasty” tip is to start typing the message, but don’t send it… and why? She will see the phrase “typing…” written in her status and will expect you to answer it.

Put the message aside and respond only after a while, to leave her in expectation.

4. Make the girl curious
All women are curious, aren’t they? And one way to make her miss you on WhatsApp is to sharpen their curiosity even more. And to reach this point, it is a much easier task than you think.

Send a message to her saying: “I need to say something very important to you …”, and leave the cell phone aside, do not answer when she asks you what it is.

You can vary the phrases too, saying “you will not believe what happened”, or “when you know what happened, it will be a lot …”, but keep in mind that you will need to unfold the story after that.

So always have something in mind to talk to the girl when you answer, okay?

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5. Stay away from the groups she is a part of.
There is no point in giving the girl a block of ice, making her curious by not answering her messages, but ending up talking to her in other groups. This will make sure she doesn’t miss you.

Worse, if you keep talking in groups, you can get the girl the wrong message. She will start to think that you are ignoring her, that you do not want to talk to her.

This can cause the girl to end up unraveling you, losing some feeling that you were beginning to have, and even creating a bad image of you, as a masked, among other things not cool.

So keep an eye on the groups that she is also part of, and have it in the same way as you are acting, taking time to respond to messages, leaving her curious, etc.

6. Take a break from social media.

This tip has the same value as the previous one, you also have to leave the social networks at the moment that you are making the girl miss you. Do not respond to comments she makes on your photos, stop posting updates, and also do not react to her photos for a while.

If the aim is to make the girl really miss you, you have to cut out all kinds of “ways” so that she knows about you, to miss you. So hold on to the nets for a while.

Just like on WhatsApp, the phrase “hi disappeared” can appear, and you already know that this is the classic sign that she misses you.

7. Cut the audio message in the middle.
Start sending an audio message to a girl. It can be about any subject, even answering some message she sent you. When you are in the middle of the message, say you are going to continue afterward and cut the message in half.

Once again you will be piquing the girl’s curiosity, she will be agonized, waiting for you to send new audio, completing what you had to say to her.

In this message, you can also use the same tactic as tip 4, sending audio saying that you need to talk to her, that you have something to tell, etc.

8. Send a photo of her without explanation.
Look for a picture of her on the social networks that you like a lot. Save and then send it to her. She will probably ask you a question related to the photo, and what do you have to do? Do not answer. You can use pictures showing her beauty or her cleavage.

You, once again, will pique the girl’s curiosity, and she can’t take the anxiety to know why you sent that photo. Wait a while, and then give the photo a compliment.

You will make the girl miss you, you will make her curious and, in addition, you will amend a compliment. A perfect match. Get the praise right too. Find out how to get the compliment right in this text here from the Holy Chat.

9. Always leave the girl wanting more.
It is not just by ignoring the girl that she will miss you. If you are already in a more open conversation, the mood is going on, one way to make her miss you is to leave her wanting more.

When you are in that hottest chat, where you are 100% focused on each other, always leave the girl wanting more, and leave her waiting for a few minutes before answering.

And when the conversation is nearing its peak, say you need to do something and interrupt the conversation. You will leave the girl almost bursting with anxiety and will think about you a lot after the chat, especially in more hot conversations.

10. Make a call and hang up.
Through WhatsApp, it is possible to make video calls, and one way to make the girl curious is to make a call through WhatsApp, let it ring once, and then hang up.

She will see the missed call and will probably send you a message wanting to know what you want. At this point, you will not answer or answer the call.

You can also send a message saying that afterward, you talk to her, that you are busy doing something. It is another way to leave the girl thinking about you during this time that you do not speak.

11. Be an independent guy.
Women like independent men, who know what they want, who have everything planned, who do not depend on anyone. This is something that draws a lot of attention from the girls, even more than appearance, in some cases.

And you showing that you are an independent guy will make agate miss you by WhatsApp. And you can achieve this by making sure comments are made when ending a conversation.

Tell her that you have work things to do that you can’t wait, that you need to do some shopping, fix something in your house, something that will impress you.

This way, the girl will feel like having to stop talking to you but will be thinking about your commitments, how you are a guy who has responsibilities and knows how to separate things.

You have learned about 11 ways to make a woman miss you on WhatsApp. These are some tactics that you can use with any girl, and that will definitely work.

It is very important that you know how to separate the “missing”, from being a snob, self-involved or full of self. So always use the tactics correctly, without passing this impression on to the girl.

Another important tip is not to use all the tips at once, or every day, as this can send a totally wrong message to the girl.

And to conclude, you need to know what to talk to the girl after you pique her curiosity, always have a range of subjects at hand so that you can start a deeper and more intimate conversation.

There is no point in getting the girl’s attention, but not having anything prepared. So get everything ready to be able to draw trigger at the right time.



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