MI Confirms Plans To Make 5th Studio Album An NFT


Nigerian rap legend, MI Abaga appears to have joined the latest non-fungible token trend with imminent plans to dive in.
According to Tech Cabal, the hip-hop star has confirmed plans to make his anticipated fifth studio album an NFT.


It is unclear whether the album titled ‘A Study on Love’ is in the works but certain the rapper is relinquishing its rights ahead of time.

For the newbies, an NFT includes digital creations such as memes, GIFs, videos, pieces of text or even an album in MI’s case, that can be sold as a crypto token. The items can be valued for millions with the highest bidder owning the token.

However, access to any copy of the original file is not restricted to the token’s owner.

MI’s last album ‘A Study on Self-Worth’ launched back in 2018. The album struck was an impressive project relaunching the rapper’s career after a long hiatus.



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