3 Things a Lady Will Tell You When She Likes You


Communication is one of the things that ladies place priority on, they don’t toy with any opportunity they get to express themselves to the person they love and have affection for.

No matter how difficult it might be for them to say some things, as long as it’s the person they love that they have to say it to, they would say it.

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This exactly is the same occurs when a lady likes you, there are some things that she would share with you, about her life and even everything going on with her career, her secrets, friends, etc.

She would want you to know everything, she would want you to be a part of her, and she would also do it so that you can do the same thing.

Ladies are smart, they understand that once they tell you things about themselves, you’ll also be indirectly obliged to tell them stuff about yourself. In this article, I will be showing you three things that a lady will tell you when she likes you.

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1. She’ll tell you she doesn’t like you

This is very interesting and funny, and it’s probably one of the reasons why some people like to say that ladies are confused, in reality.

Ladies aren’t confused, they know what they are doing, they will tell you this, just to confuse you and hide the truth away from you, they don’t want to know that they like you, so that you won’t start acting instead of being your real self.

So when a lady keeps telling you that she doesn’t like you, don’t take it seriously, she actually likes you, but doesn’t want you to know.

2. She’ll tell you you’re weird

Weirdness is one of the most charming attributes that ladies find attractive in men. When a lady starts telling you that you’re weird, don’t take it as offensive, she’s only trying to tell you that she likes you because you’re weird.


Weirdness makes you unpredictable, and ladies love the unpredictability, as they would have something to anticipate, and that explains why they find weird guys attractive.

3. She’ll tell you her heartbreak stories

This is another thing a lady will tell you when she likes you, she’ll tell you all her heartbreak stories, probably those stories that have made her make the decision not to give love a chance anymore.

The reason she would tell you this is because she wants you to know the things she doesn’t like in a relationship so that when the two of you eventually get together, you would know what to avoid.


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