AFN new Elections set to hold on June 14


The Athletics Federation of Nigeria (AFN) has been set to hold on June 14, for new elections to its board despite the federation’s leadership crisis which has refused to end.

It will be recalled that since 2018 the sports federation was embroiled in a leadership tussle between Engineer Ibrahim Gusau and Hon. Olamide George.

However, the international athletics governing body, World Athletics (WA) in zoom assembly with the 2 factions, along with some officials in the Sports Ministry on Wednesday resolved that elections into the board of the AFN will hold on June 14, 2021, at a place to be decided by the Congress which is the apex body.

According to a source from the Olamide George camp, the Confederation of Athletics Federation (CAA) and also World Athletics (WA) adopted the 2017 constitution since the working document for the governance of their federation.

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The source further said that Engr Gusau and Adeleye had refused to sign the settlements while staying adamant to see the conclusion of their case in court.

However, the technical manager, Sunday Adeleye who was at the meeting told that the 2017 constitution wasn’t adopted as promised by the other faction.

According to him, the AFN is working together with the Treaty of 2019 which whittled down the forces of the president as opposed to the 2017 constitution.

“They desired to use the 2017 constitution for the sake of peace but we said no because the thing is in court.

“Yes, we all refused to sign the resolutions. We had to talk to the board members along with our legal team first prior to taking actions.

“We will follow the court cases into their logical conclusion. Can someone bring out documents and state we ought to signal? World Athletics will not bend rules, why should we bend rules? Just because we want peace, we’ll live under illegality?

It’s in the midst of the unresolved and controversial issues that the sports federation has repaired on June 14 for elections


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