Baba Ijesha: Yomi Fabiyi Promises to Direct protest against CCTV Setup other adults involved


Nollywood actor and producer, Yomi Fabiyi has stated he would hit the roads to lead a protest for the prosecution of comedienne, Princess and other adults involved with the CCTV that subjected Baba Ijesha.

Baba Ijesha was detained for allegedly defiling a minor as many celebrities have continued to carry to social websites to slam him.

Comedienne Princess came outside to say her foster kid was the girl Baba Ijesha sexually attacked.

Taking to Instagram, the entertainer showed after the wreck of her union, some parents allowed their children, six in number, to come and live with her so she wouldn’t be lonely.

She said while she was harbouring the six kids, she was likewise rendering assistance to Baba Ijesha.

Princess alleged it had been during one of his visits he molested one of three women living with her.

She said the defilement had an adverse influence on the child because she started to decline academically and otherwise.

A video was recently published which showed the actor allegedly assaulting the minor on CCTV.

Yomi Fabiyi blasted Princess and the biological parents of the alleged rape victim for putting her through another round of molestation simply to get evidence’, has shown he will lead a peaceful demonstration for Princess, and every adult who knew about the CCTV camera set up to be arrested, charged to court and punished.

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He wrote:”If this isn’t clear to you, I’m sorry I can’t help further. I will fight for the young lady (minor), even if I fight alone. I am never in support of Baba Ijesha’s actions, rape or child molestation etc at any time, please understand and stop misleading people.

The woman needs urgent help. Just take the kid away from the protector NOW!

“Each of the ADULTS such as Baba Ijesha plus any other the investigation traverses has to be arrested whenever possible.

“For heaven sake, the Police watched this CCTV beforehand rather than touch on everyone in the footage, that is ridiculous!

“No trusted justice system will forget that side of this investigation. If this child can decide for herself, she will never want to be abused again no matter the alibi, BUT SHE WAS ALLOWED TO BE ABUSED. Nigerians know to trust law enforcement and stop putting the legislation into their hands. Emotions if too much may be detrimental.

“If after seven(7) Working Days that the CP refuses to do the right thing, Nigeria either GO FORWARD or BACKWARD. To proceed, all of us have to TAKE TO THE STREET and struggle for every child. Lagos Governor and the Authorities must do the right thing NOW!

“There are choices we are making, we’re saving our personal lives. Trust me, It is worth risking everything for.


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