Microsoft Partners Fed Govt To Accelerate Digital skills to five million people in Nigeria


Not fewer than five million Nigerians would gain from an electronic upskilling programme being made possible by a partnership between the Federal Government and the Microsoft Corporation.

Additionally, locations in each of the six geopolitical zones in Nigeria would enjoy lively internet connection and cloud services due to the digital transformation plan.

For example, last January, the Vice President had a digital meeting with Smith, where talks covered areas of intersection between technology and governance to enhance Nigeria’s digital transformation.

Speaking in a video announcement of the partnership with the tech giant,” Prof. Osinbajo stated”our government is committed to leveraging innovation and technology to deliver better results across a broad region of governance concerns. Really, it is with this in mind that we’ve hunted constructive partnerships that bridge the understanding, skills and technology gap that exist in most of our communities”

We intend that these initiatives become institutions in their own rights and make a real impact in the lives of our citizens going forward.”

On the centre regions of the partnership, Prof. Osinbajo said”this partnership will focus on two pillars: Connectivity & Skilling, and Digital Transformation.”

He explained”we plan to connect under-served communities in each of the six geo-political zones with access to cloud and internet services. This project is a crucial component of our objective of expanding broadband connectivity, which is alone, a significant pillar of our Economic Sustainability Strategy in response to this Covid-19 pandemic.

“Working with Microsoft, we mean to upskill 5 million Nigerians via this greater internet access over the next three years in numerous electronic abilities that can increase both employability and entrepreneurship.

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“The multiplier effect will bring opportunities in urban and rural areas to a lot of young people and will help us deal with unemployment issues made worse by the pandemic”, ” he said.

Using digital tools under the project, the Vice President stated”we will pioneer innovative strategies in the struggle against corruption, a major priority of the government.”

Continuing, the Vice President said, “Implementing Microsoft’s Tech tools that may be deployed to minimise governance dangers and prevent loopholes, working together with the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), we will seek to utilize cutting edge analytical and case management tools to plug holes in our public sector system, in addition, to confront white-collar criminality efficiently.

“This pillar will even serve a vital social function. By using Microsoft’s Artificial Intelligence technology and resources to preserve and promote our important languages so we can revitalize these important areas of our culture.

“Our attention is obviously the Nigerian people. With over 80 million regular internet users, there’s absolutely no question which Nigerians have completely embraced technology, the net and their various applications,” that the Vice President added.

On his part, the President of Microsoft Corporation, Mr Brad Smith said the”we consider in the future of Nigeria and we’re enthusiastic as a company to grow our investments. It is a nation we have had the chance to get to know better over the past couple of years.”

Based on Smith” in 2018 we partnered with Tek experts to make a Customer Service Centre, a centre in Lagos that uses more than 1,600 people. And we had another chance to expand our investment much more by creating our African Development Centre.

“A centre which, by the end of this year, will employ over 200 software engineers and developers, people who are creating technology and Microsoft products to serve not only the people of Nigeria but the people of the world.

“All of these is giving us the sort of confidence to want to spend more. And among those things that we have recognized as a company is that they need to develop with countries and communities rather than simply buying for ourselves”, he explained.

On the brand new partnership with the Federal Government, Mr Smith said: “We’re embarking on a series of broad-based, very multifaceted investments to better serve Nigeria in three regions of online connectivity, digital skilling and electronic transformation. We will be supplying digital abilities to 5 million Nigerians over the subsequent three years, and along the way, producing 27,000 new jobs during the same period.”


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