South-South and Southeast Assembly supports Southern Governors Forum on open grazing


The position of South-South and SouthEast Assembly on open grazing in Nigeria.

The national working committee (NWC) of South-South and Southeast Assembly after its bi-annual summit on 24th May 2021 in GoldenTulip Hotel, Asaba.

Among other vital resolutions on the state of the nation as it affects the South-South and South-East, hereby kick against the stance of President Muhammadu Buhari on the ban on open grazing in Nigeria as opined by the Southern Governors Forum.

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This was contained in a statement issued and signed by Apst Patrick A. Nwanze. Secretary-General for the NWC on the 24th of May, 2021.

The full text of the statement reads in part.

We describe the practice which causes herdsmen to move from place to place as “un-popular and uncivilized in this 21st century. Obviously, the drum of war that has become known nationwide can not be attributed to any other but these medieval nomadic acts.

We expressed disappointment and condemn in its entirety the reactions of the Attorney General of the federation, who openly expressed a deep sense of biased, with statements that lacked merits and not befitting for his status as a key public personality in the nation

We will not fail to express our heartfelt appreciation towards the views of the Katsina State Governor, His Excellency, Aminu Bello Masari. Recall that the governor who happens to be a devout Muslim had said thus:

‘’This roaming about, is un-Islamic and is not the best. It is part of the problems we are having today, and I don’t support that we should favor open grazing

.” The southern governors suggested that the federal government should rather make provision of the needed infrastructure.

Where two essential things being sort for water and fodder, can be provided, thereby preventing herders from moving their castles as well as forestalling the destruction of farms and threatening food supply in the affected areas and the country at large.

The NWC gives its unalloyed support for the 11th May 2021 decision of the 17 Southern Governors who met in Asaba, Delta State to unanimously prohibit open grazing in Southern Nigeria.

We however urge the governors to see to the unwavering enforcement of this laudable decision with all amount of tenacity.

The South-South and South-East Assembly hereby make a commitment towards volunteering men and women to be part of the enforcement process at no cost

. We wish to remind the governors that we are currently well established in the 11 states of the South-South and South-East.

We would also like to thanks the southern governors for not taking laws into their hands as seen in the northern part of the nation where goods are been confiscated and destroyed.

Finally, the assembly reminded the public through the medium of its resolutions and continues mobilization to ensure that power rotates to either the South-South or the South-East come 2023.

In attendance were: Comrade Bartholomew Agugua(DG), Professor Julie Umukoro, Chief Emmanuel Ejiofor, Chief Kenneth Osunwa, and the Secretary-General, Apst Patrick A. Nwanze.


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