Ex American Ambassador to Nigeria tells US, Nigeria is now a failed country


John Campbell (L), a former US Ambassador to Nigeria, and Prof. Robert Rotberg (R), a former Director at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government, have both stated that it is past time for the US to admit that Nigeria is a failed state.

This, according to Campbell and Rotberg, is due to the country’s numerous security threats.

This was revealed in an article titled “The Giant of Africa is Failing,” which appeared in Foreign Affairs magazine’s May/June issue.

Both men warned that insecurity has spread throughout Nigeria, posing a threat to the country’s corporate existence.

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“Nigeria’s worldwide buddies,” the report said in part.

This was revealed in the May/June edition of Foreign Affairs magazine, in an article titled “The African Giant is Failing.”

According to both men, insecurity has spread throughout Nigeria, posing a threat to the country’s corporate survival.

In part of the essay, “Nigeria’s international allies, especially the United States, should admit that the country is now a failed state.

As a result, they must strengthen their involvement with the country and seek to hold the current administration accountable for its failures, while also cooperating with it to provide security and a stable economy.”

Security officers, according to Campbell and Rotberg, have been unable to reduce crime because of the advanced weapons that criminals in the country are known to possess.

They also railed about President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration, claiming that the country has gone from being weak to failing.

“A series of overlapping security crises have transformed Nigeria from a weak to a failed state during President Muhammadu Buhari’s government.

Buhari’s administration has battled to put down a number of Jihadi insurgencies, including one fought by the militant group Boko Haram “According to the report,

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The duo said that the Federal Government had given up in some places and that non-state actor had taken over, with quasi-police organizations and militias controlled by state governments becoming increasingly widespread.

According to the writers, numerous schools have had to close as a result of kidnappings and other crimes.

Following is an excerpt from the article: “In some areas, regional quasi-police units and militias, which are often affiliated with state administrations but are rarely formally sanctioned train de facto authority.

The federal government, on the other hand, has successfully handed control to terrorists and criminals in a number of other cases.”


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