Outrage As Married Woman Allegedly Gets Stuck To Her Lover During Sex


There was a drama in Uganda when a married woman, after having sex together, allegedly came to another man.

The incident was reported to have occurred on Wednesday morning, 16th  June 2021 in Gulu, in northern Uganda.

Pai Robins OgwengAkiiki, a witness testimony, said their organs could not be separated after sexual intercourse.

The duo’s entire efforts to separate themselves were unsuccessful, which led to an alarm that attracted both residents and police.

After touching their waists, they were finally separated by the husband.

Both of them are now detained by the police. Please read the following report:

“Sexual cheating is wrong.

There was drama in the city of Gulu this morning when a married woman who had sex with another man became stuck as dogs.

In that their sex organs could not be separated after they were done with sex, but they were stuck in that they could not divide up anymore.

They began alerting the police and local people.

After this woman’s real husband arrived and touched her tail, there were then some sexual organs separated.

Both are now in custody by the police…

I would like to be like the real husband of this woman.


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