President Buhari Nigerians Love Me, That’s Why I’m rewarding Them

President Muhammadu Buhar

On Thursday Buhari addressed in the palace of the Shehu of Borno, recalling his seven-month administration as governor in his position as a military commander in the state of Borno.

‘The repayment for the kindness provided to me is my resolve to service Nigerians. In Maiduguri, I started my political career and I’m looking forward to going to this place all the time.”

Furthermore, despite security challenges, Buhari congratulated the State Governor for his accuracy, resilience, and determination towards the development of the state.

The Chairman stated that there were very few leaders who would take the risks that Governor Zulum had done overtime to safeguard his people and foster peace and development, notably by staying with vulnerable people at night.

President Muhammadu Buhari remarked that because of the love that folks have toward him, he is devoted to serving Nigerians.

Buhari says it is a debt of thanks he owed Nigerians for giving him the opportunity to serve them and to provide appropriate security and livelihoods to every Nigerian


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