US mission warns Nigerians of fake visa lottery offers


Nigerians are being warned about fraudulent websites and advertising from the US Visa lottery by the U.S. Mission in Nigeria.

The mission says that it has knowledge of U.S. visa lottery websites and messages, emphasizing that they are all false.

“The United States Mission in Nigeria is aware of US visa lottery websites and messaging. These are all FAKE sites!” On Friday, the United States Mission tweeted.

Viral messages on WhatsApp and Facebook are currently being sent to people asking them to apply for US Visa lotteries.

One of them says, ‘Take the opportunity to live and apply to US Green Card Official Lottery.

“Thousands of U.S. fans each year have the Green Card open the door to the United States. It permits a permanent residency for lucky Green Card winners and a permanent work permit in the USA.

“The US grants the Green Card Lottery 55,000 every year!”

All this information on the adverts was described as false by the Mission.


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