Bishop Oyedepo’s Encounter With A Deadly Cobra In His Office


Founder and Senior Pastor of Living Faith Church, Bishop David Oyedepo has revealed how a Cobra was found in his office.

According to him, his office is on the third floor of the building and he worked in that floor for seven hours the previous night.

He says;

You may read all the books have written but until you discover my heartbeat for God, you don’t know my secret. God knows I love him, all the devils know I love God and God proves perpetually and unending that I truly love him.

So He manifests himself concerning me at His own time. He does it naturally in all the realms.

I was in my office and a cobra was found in my wardrobe, the third floor of the building and I worked on that floor seven hours in the previous night and in the morning when they were cleaning, there was a cobra and it stood up. It was there all night and I was there.

Let me tell you this when you become a lover of God the enemy will leave you alone because every attempt on your life will bounce back on him.

“Everybody desires supernatural intervention in their finances but there is nothing you earn as wages that will be equal to wealth, it is the blessing of God that makes rich and He adds no sorrow.

So, to bring the hand of God to bear on your finances, whatever God says to you to do regarding your finances, do it.”


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