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2022: Police in Kaduna kill 21 bandits, free 206 kidnapped people

According to Yekini Ayoku, the commissioner of police in Kaduna State, twenty-one (21) bandits were slain this year, 2022, while 206 people who had been kidnapped were freed.

He continued by saying that bandits in various sections of the State had recovered roughly 1,446 pieces of stolen livestock.

At the state’s annual news briefing, the Kaduna State Commissioner of Police revealed the information and emphasized that 49 rifles and firearms had been seized from criminals this year.

“780 people were arrested in connection with a variety of offences throughout the review period,” he said.

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Yekini Ayoku reported that 116 of the suspects who were seized in connection with various offenses were found guilty.
The Commissioner revealed that 17 bandits’ working motorcycles and 1,359 live rounds of ammunition had been found.

He added that this year, the suspects had been found with 15 bags of dried leaves that were thought to be Indian hemp.

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