Abuja Chief Imam sacked for criticising Buhari’s handling of insecurity


THE Chief Imam of National Assembly Mosque Zone E, Apo Legislative Quarters, in Abuja, Sheikh Nuru Khalid, has been sacked by the mosque’s Steering Committee for criticising President Muhammadu Buhari over last Monday night’s attack on an Abuja-Kaduna train.

Nuru Khalid last Friday in Abuja during a sermon flayed the government over its failure to tame the escalating insecurity and killings in the country.

The mosque committee, however, suspended the Sheik afterwards for allegedly preaching against President Muhammadu Buhari and his government.

Chairman of the committee, Senator Saidu Muhammed Dansadau, accused the Sheik of inciting public outrage.

“I am informing you that you have been suspended from leading prayers in the Apo Legislative Quarters Mosque from today being April 2nd, 2022 until further notice,” the suspension letter dated April 4 reads.

“You are an influencer; your words carry a lot of weight, your words can make or mar our situation. Your words can be taken advantage of by mischief makers, those responsible for these security challenges or enemies of the country for their devilish agendas. As leaders of the mosque we have a sacred responsibility to avoid utterances that are capable of making a bad situation worse. This is our fear and concern.

“We regret to inform you that from today the 4th day of April 2023 you have been disengaged from the services of the above-mentioned mosque. This action is occasioned by the non-remorseful attitude you exhibited following your suspension on 2nd April this year.

“Akamakallah, you know better than me by the teaching of Islam, the essence of administering punishment is to correct behavior. Unfortunately, your media reaction to the suspension creates the impression that you are not remorseful, NOT to talk of humbly reflecting on the consequences of your utterances. Leadership demands a great sense of responsibility.

“If our words do more harm than good to the larger interest of the country or the public. We have a responsibility to maximise restraint for the good of the public. It is obvious however, that you don’t seem keen to modify your Friday sermon to be reflective of the volatility of the security situation in the country,” the letter reads.

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