Top 7 Best Shopping Destinations In Kenya To Explore

Top 7 Best Shopping Destinations In Kenya To Explore
Top 7 Best Shopping Destinations In Kenya To Explore

Kenya is home to a number of fantastic retail malls that are sure to entice everyone and are ideal locations for lounging around. Let’s check out some of these amazing locations, shall we?

1. Village Market, Nairobi: Village Market is a high-end shopping mall that has a total area of 20,000 square feet and can be found in the Gigiri neighborhood of Nairobi. This marketplace, which currently consists of 150 merchants, was established in 1995 by two brothers from Kenya.

The village market is a favored site for all types of visitors, beginning with tourists and ending with casual shoppers. You have a wide variety of options to choose from, including antiques from Africa, electrical equipment, and fashion items. One of the activities that pique my attention is the traditional dance that is performed in this location.

This retail mall draws customers from all walks of life thanks to its assortment of recreational amenities, food court, and individual food businesses, as well as several promotional events that take place during the course of the year. This shopping center is a favorite place for foreign diplomats and expatriates to spend their nights and weekends.

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2. The West Gate Mall in Nairobi: This retail mall, which first opened its doors in 2007, is widely considered to be among the best in all of Nairobi.

This shopping center, which is located in Westlands, was the target of the worst terrorist assault in history in 2013, which resulted in the loss of a significant number of people and completely destroyed the shopping center. A testament to the resilience of the Kenyan people, the shopping center managed to pull through 2015 unscathed.

You can get whatever you need in the shopping mall, whether you’re looking for branded goods, eateries, African antiquities, electrical devices, eating joints, or even zonal offices. It is a wonderful location for socializing with one’s companions. You will be able to locate antiques, traditional African clothing, and other items of interest in this museum.

Top 7 Best Shopping Destinations In Kenya To Explore
Top 7 Best Shopping Destinations In Kenya To Explore

3. Two Rivers Mall, Nairobi: One of the newest malls in Kenya, this shopping center was opened in 2017 and was inaugurated by President Uhuru Kenyatta. It is one of the largest malls in sub-Saharan Africa, covering an area of 11 acres and spreading out across its whole.

The shopping center is pleased to feature internationally renowned fashion brands such as LC Waikiki, Swarovski, Carrefour, and Zara. Attibassi is the place to go for a cup of coffee, while Magic Planet is the place to go for some entertainment.

4. Nakumatt Nyali, located in Mombasa, is one of the largest shopping malls in the city and is conveniently located next to the Nyali Bridge. Nakumatt Nyali is a popular destination for both tourists and locals alike because it is open nonstop all day, every day. Nakumatt Nyali is an excellent area to hang out on the weekends due to the fact that it has a variety of well-known brands.

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Nakumatt is a well-known grocery company in Kenya. It now has three locations in East Africa, all of which are popular shopping destinations for customers of varying demographics. During your time in Mombasa, you may come here for a delectable lunch and then go on with the sightseeing activities that you had planned.

5. Akamba Handicraft, Mombasa: If you have a passion for interior design, you should not pass up the opportunity to stop by Akamba Handicraft.

Mutisya Muge began selling his wood carvings to servicemen in 1917, the year his business was established. At this time, there are about 100 active employees and 2800 people that are participating.

It possesses a captivating collection of human sculptures, animal carvings, ornamental carvings, masks and decorations, utilitarian carvings, and abstract art. The astounding piece of artwork will be displayed in your dining hall indefinitely so that it may continue to awe and amaze your guests.

Top 7 Best Shopping Destinations In Kenya To Explore
Top 7 Best Shopping Destinations In Kenya To Explore

6. Sarit Mall, a retail center in Nairobi that is often ranked as one of the busiest in the city This shopping mall is going to blow your mind with the vast range of national and international brands that it carries, as well as its convenience location in the middle of Westlands in Nairobi.

The culture show, exhibition, and promotional activities that are now being held here are the primary things that every tourist will want to see.

If you are looking for something that satisfies your cravings for sweets, savory foods, and Indian spices, your search is over. The Sarit Center is one of the most sought-after locations to satisfy a person’s shopping compulsion and is also an ideal destination to spend the weekends.

7. Diani Beach Shopping Center, Diani Beach: Known as one of the most popular shopping complexes in Kenya, this establishment can be found on Diani Beach in Mombasa. The Diani Beach shopping mall is home to one of the most extensive collections of electronic devices, accessories, and food courts available anywhere in Kenya.

The mall also features an abundance of shopping opportunities. If you are going to be in Kenya for any length of time, you should not pass up the opportunity to have a scrumptious meal at Diani beach.

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