Enugu; State Government Shut Down more than a Thousand Schools

Enugu; State Government Shut Down more than a Thousand Schools
Enugu; State Government Shut Down more than a Thousand Schools

The Enugu State Ministry of Education has told 1,904 independent schools to close because they didn’t meet the requirements to get the license they need to keep running as schools.

He is the one who showed up the week before last, which included the school, and imposed a limitation on the students’ mobility due to the fact that their parents had already paid the school fees for the new school year that had just started.

According to Professor Uche Eze, who serves as the Commissioner for Education in the state, the restrictions did not appear out of the blue. Rather, the government informed the schools that they needed to make an effort to pay their fees (school license fees) into the pocket of the Enugu State government prior to the start of the new school year. Things had already been started, but they paid little regard to the fact that they had closed up shop earlier.

Upon further inquiry, when we arrived at one of the shuttered schools—the Divine Academy Ugwogo Nike—where a teacher informed us that the headmaster had gone to acquire his certificate from the central office of education, we learned that the institution had been closed.
The educator stated that they are keeping their fingers crossed that their school will open very soon.

Onyeka Obiowo, a parent whose kid attends God’s Own Academy Ifo, Abakpa Nike, Enugwu, lashed out and attacked the government, saying that they should warn the school owners of their failure before the commencement of the third academic term. Obiowo’s son is now enrolled in God’s Own Academy, Ifo.

Before she found out that her children’s schools, Amazing Heights Nursery and Primary in Agbani, were among those that were closed, the mother who talked to us, Sandra Ani, stated that she had already paid the school tuition for her four children.

After that, Mrs. Ani pleaded with the administration to let the schools operate because a significant number of parents had already paid their tuition.

When we went to the Ministry of Education headquarters in Enugu State, we saw that many of the owners of closed schools were trying to follow the law so that their schools could be reopened.

An employee of the ministry who did not wish to be identified said that these schools had been issued warning notifications on many occasions over the course of the previous few months, but they had chosen to ignore them.

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