5 Creative Brands to Watch in Africa

5 Creative Brands to Watch in Africa
5 Creative Brands to Watch in Africa

It is absolutely mind-boggling to be a part of and see Africa’s current great creative resurgence. I just moved from the United Kingdom to Ghana in order to observe Africa and its creative evolution firsthand as it happens. I am going to highlight some of the most unique, fascinating, and successful companies that have originated on the continent in this post.

Chale Socks

The Ghanaian clothing company Chale Socks is known for its forward-thinking design. In order to create spectacular works of art, their designs emphasize the utilization of ancient Adinkra symbols as well as African patterns and themes.


OhYesLord is a brand of streetwear that was founded in Johannesburg. The dissemination of African youth culture is their principal objective. The easygoing and carefree temperament of African youth is reflected in their designs, which are uncomplicated yet striking.

5 Creative Brands to Watch in Africa
5 Creative Brands to Watch in Africa

Waffles N Cream

The Waffles n cream collective is a skateboarding group that operates out of Lagos, Nigeria. In addition to the collective, they also run a unique streetwear apparel store. A forward-thinking brand that encourages young people in Nigeria to express themselves creatively and independently.


Sarah Diouf, a successful media tycoon, is the owner of Tongoro and also manages the company. Tongoro studio, which is situated in Dakar, is a fashion label that is recognized for offering designs that are both daring and basic.

Selly Raby Kane

Selly Raby Kane is a Senegalese fashion designer that creates designs that are known for their high level of aesthetic quality. Her label is the result of a lifelong interest in fashion that is influenced by urban Africa. Her work has an effortless elegance and flair across its whole. The high design combined with an edgy, urban take on Afro-chic is one way to define this company.

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The Lessons I’ve Learned While Collaborating With African Creative Brands

I have previous experience working with a variety of innovative companies from Africa. I saw how passionate they were about their work, how dedicated they were to their art, and how determined they were to succeed on a continent where possibilities are simple to identify but challenging to take advantage of. Incredible, inspirational, and encouraging talent can be found throughout Africa.

5 Creative Brands to Watch in Africa
5 Creative Brands to Watch in Africa

The moment my feet touch African soil, the first things that go through my head are “create,” “learn,” and “produce.” You will be challenged in ways that I would never have imagined were even somewhat conceivable before coming to Africa.

There is nothing quite like the one-of-a-kind quality that can be found in products bearing an African brand name. African creatives are known for their unfiltered roughness and unbridled zeal. The fire is intense, and it is clear that only the strongest will survive out there in the wilderness.

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The fortunate few who are able to reach the pinnacle of their field are left with no choice but to reflect on the hardships they overcame to get there. They remember the days when nothing seemed hopeful and everything appeared hopeless, but they persevered in spite of their fears, obstacles, and uncertainty.

There is something absolutely remarkable taking place in Africa right now, and I feel extremely fortunate to be able to observe it all take place right in front of my very eyes.

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