Steps of How to move to Canada easily (2022-2023).

Steps of How to move to Canada easily (2022-2023).
Steps of How to move to Canada easily (2022-2023).

Information on how to move to Canada easily

Moving to Canada is now the dream of some youths including some adults because Canada is among the best country globally. here we will discuss how to move to Canada easily so that you reading this will find the accurate information you are looking for.

Below are the guidelines and steps for moving to Canada in an easier way.

For those that are experienced workers from a reputable country here are the 2 easiest ways for you to move to Canada permanently.

  1. Provincial _ nominee _ program
  2. Express entry system

Let’s explain them in full

  1. Provincial _ nominee _ programs

Provincial nominee programs are among the ways to move easily to Canada, this is how it works.

The first step to take is to apply for the provincial nominee so that you will be nominated, it lays on the information contained in your profile and also the PNP you have selected this will help in bringing your scores higher.

note you have to get yourself enrolled or register in “express entry” this will now help you to able to apply for the Canada permanent resident PR  easily through the immigration refugees and citizenship Canada (IRCC).

The simple way of choosing and applying for the provincial nominee programs (PNP) is the right way.

  • Firstly you have to register in the federal Express system
  • Choose the very province or territory you wish.
  • If you are among those chosen an invitation letter will be sent to you which will enable you to proceed to apply for principal nomination.

NOTE: These are some of the Canada keys.





SINP and others.

2.     Express entry system

When it comes to how to move to Canada easily express entry program will be considered the fastest and easiest means Without many challenges.

The express entry system is done online which made it easier for the interested ones to apply.

These are some of the things required by the express entry system from applicants.

  • Ability to speak English or French proficiently
  • Age
  • Work experience
  • Education and others.

When these are provided it brings more scores for the applicant to be selected.

The selected applicants will receive an invitation from Immigration refugees and citizenship Canada (IRCC) they Will then be able to apply for permanent residency in Canada.

A comprehensive ranking system “CRS” is the method express system used in selecting qualified applicants, the CRS includes the ability to speak the language, education, age, and others.

Also from 454 upward are the points applicants need to get before getting qualified for receiving permanent residency in Canada.

Step by step applying the express entry system follow these steps below/ how to move to Canada easily.

  1. Getting required documents: these required documents just 2 the are Educational credentials assessment (ECA)  and the IELTS exam or test for English speaking skill you have to get this exam done by a trusted authority. English is not the only language accepted French is also included so may choose from the 2 languages.
  • Register _ the _ EOI profile in _ EE.

You have to get your profile registered by the “federal_ skilled _worker” FSW, this shows you are applying for permanent residence in Canada.

  • Get higher points: this point is what will make them select you it has to be gotten from education, language career, age, etc. Make sure you get at least 67 points and above.
  • Get more scores from CRS: also you have to score higher from the CRS.
  • Receive invitation: this invitation will be forwarded to you if only you pass and qualified for it, you will be invited to apply for the ITA.
  • Submission of PR application for Canada: as soon you received the invitation then you need to submit your Canada permanent residency and other required documents.
  • Submission of other documents: some bodies like visa officers will require a medical certificate and PCC from you, don’t hesitate in submitting them.
  • Waiting for approval: after you have submitted all the documents needed they will be reviewed by those in charge when everything is genuine without any error on it they will approve you, and you will be given your visa of permanent residency. After reading about how to move to Canada easily we hope you have gotten your answers.
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