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2023: Lagos APC Chairman Will Vote For Me, Says Jandor

Dr. Abdul-Azeez Adediran, often known as Jandor, is running for governor of Lagos State as the candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). On Saturday, he brought his campaign to the Badagry Division to meet with various stakeholders, including traditional and religious leaders.

He stated that he had won the support of influential individuals in Badagry in order to win the election in 2023, claiming that the majority of people, including Pastor Cornelius Ojelabi, who is also from Badagry and is the state Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC), would vote for him.

Adediran stated while he was speaking at Ward’s G and F in the Badagry Local Government area in Ajido that God has written that a time is coming when a son of the soil would be the next Governor and that he is the one. Adediran is running for the position of governor in the Badagry Local Government area.

Jandor said that the people of Badagry had been supporting persons from other areas to be governors in Lagos State and that the time had come that it should no longer be given to just anybody. He said that the moment had come that it should no longer be given to just anybody.

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According to him, even if a person is a member of a different political party, they would still vote for him if he were their son.

He stated, “With all of the Deputy Governors and APC Party Chairmen that they have been providing us, what have they accomplished?”

“Even the Chairman of the APC in Lagos State, Cornelius Ojelabi, would vote for the PDP in 2023, and I can tell you that,” I can tell you. I informed him prior to my beginning the race. If I were to become governor, he would be in good hands with me.

“I am not going to be a governor for the PDP or the APC; rather, I intend to serve as Governor for everyone.” In contrast to what they achieved in Lekki, they have not been successful in completing the construction of the Badagry Expressway since they came to power there.

“When we are elected into power, we are going to build a bridge in Badagry. There is no need to be concerned because there are just eight hours left on election day and they cannot manipulate this poll. We have been successful during the entire time in the Badagry Division.”

In addition to this, he sought the support of the community’s traditional leaders by meeting with them.

He stated, “We have been traveling everywhere; most recently, we spent three days in Alimosho.” It is time for the native son of the land to carry it out. No matter what takes place, there will always be those members of our group who advocate for maintaining the status quo. However, we are not going to fight them.

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“Simply pull them aside and have a conversation with them; you will find out that they are self-centered due to the fact that they are the ones who gain from a government that does not care about the people. We seek to establish a populist democracy as our form of governance. My mother and I used to do boat trips when I was younger, and because I am familiar with this area, I want to fix them.

“We wish to make a plea for assistance to the traditional leaders of our people. Some of these individuals will show up with the money, and their goal is to use that money to take away their rights. Are you still making use of the money that they provided you with four years ago? It’s clear that the Baales in this area is distinct from the ones in the city, he explained.

The candidate for governor encouraged the young people to talk to their friends, especially those who are members of the APC and let them know that it is time for a native son to take control of the government.

While she was speaking earlier, his running partner, Ms. Funke Akindele, expressed her contentment with the greeting that they had been given and encouraged the people to keep working for the party.

“I am delighted with the manner in which you welcomed us; you are much too kind. We are prepared for a life that is better in Lagos beginning on May 29, 2023, when Jandor will take office.

“They have provided opportunities for women to serve as Deputy Governors, we will make it easier for individuals to obtain loans, and education will be provided for free to our children.” “We will engage local tailors to sew school uniforms for our children so that they can also gain money,” she added. “This will benefit everyone involved.”

The Baales and traditional leaders, such as the Oba Kosoko of Iworo Kingdom, were in attendance for the program.

The Oba of the Ajido Kingdom, who was represented by the Baale of Jegene, Chief Sumaila Lukmon, and the Baale of Jegenu Ayaba, Chief Fasasi Shittu, together with members of the party and locals of the region, attended the ceremony.

The campaign team went to many different markets in Badagry, including the well-known Agbalata Market, in order to solicit the assistance of shopkeepers and proprietors.

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