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2023: Nigerians Need Problem Solver, – Peter Obi

Peter Obi lamented that the country was presently “insecure”, saying ”Nigeria is not unified – unproductive – and it is collapsing”.

The consensus choice, Peter Obi, has been booted out.

On Tuesday, former Governor of Anambra State and presidential candidate for the Peoples Democratic Party in the impending 2023 general elections expressed his views.

He claimed that Nigerians needed a problem-solver rather than a consensus candidate to fix the country.

Peter Obi, who met with some PDP delegates and other party leaders in Abakaliki, the capital of Ebonyi State, stated that Nigerians were eagerly anticipating the arrival of a true leader capable of turning the country productive and rescuing people from poverty.

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“Nigeria is not unified – unproductive – and it is disintegrating,” he bemoaned, adding that the country was currently “insecure.”

“The firm obligation of a leader is to be a problem solver,” Obi added. Nigerians are hoping for someone who can make the country productive and begin to lift Nigerians out of poverty.
“Not a consensus candidate, but that is what Nigerians are seeking for.” As a result, I’d like to make a correction.
“Everyone in Nigeria has a problem, including the northerners.” Nigeria is insecure, divided, and unproductive in its current state.
“It’s on the verge of collapsing.” They (Nigerians) want a fixer — someone who can start generating riches – not to know where this is. It matters where you’re from because some people may argue that we’re searching for equity and justification, which is required in such a diverse country.
“But, above all, we want someone who will begin to create money in Nigeria.”
“You should look into my background. I work as a trader. I’ve worked in the corporate sector before. I’ve served as a Governor. That’s the record you’ll want to look at. You are not required to ask me. Take a look at my path.
And I’ve traveled the globe and am confident that I can help Nigeria.
The ex-governor boasted, “I maintain that PDP has an array of candidates who are qualified, competent, and everything.”

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