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2023: Obasanjo identifies important issues Nigeria’s next president needs to address

Olusegun Obasanjo, a former president of Nigeria, has listed the crucial issues that the country’s new leader must tackle.

Obasanjo revealed that the nation’s next leader must deal with security issues like banditry and kidnapping.

The former president of Nigeria said during a virtual engagement hosted by Africa Leadership Group that Nigeria must become a “do-tank” rather than a “think-tank.”

Obasanjo opined that the next president of Nigeria must be familiar with its economic system.

According to the former leader, Nigeria’s next leader needs to be morally and intellectually sound, as well as possess the traits and abilities necessary to change the country.

“I hope the man who will be the next president, will be the kind of leader, who will understand the economy, and that’s very important,” said Obasanjo.

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“If he understands the economy, he needs to take action on fuel subsidies among other things. Additionally, the nation’s debt is not in good shape; something needs to be done.

“The country is experiencing a staggering amount of petroleum product theft. It is astounding how much corruption there is in other sectors as well. Additionally, kidnapping and banditry are now commonplace.

“People won’t invest in an insecure nation where taking the train or the road is unsafe. There won’t be economic growth unless there is an investment.

“Many Nigerians are uneducated in politics. It makes no difference if you are college educated or not.

This occurs shortly after Obasanjo endorsed Peter Obi, the presidential candidate for the Labour Party, LP.

In a letter to Nigerian youths, Obasanjo offered his support and counseled them on which candidates to support in the upcoming elections.

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