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2023: Peter Obi advises to vote for candidate with mental, physical energy

Mr. Peter Obi, the Labour Party’s presidential candidate, stated that Nigeria urgently needs a president with the requisite cerebral, physical, and organizational skills to lead it out of its predicament.

He observed that voters no longer base their decisions on their beliefs, place of origin, or sense of entitlement.

Speaking to a throng in Uyo, the capital of Akwa Ibom State, the presidential contender claimed that older leaders have continued to divide Nigeria along racial and religious lines out of self-interest, claiming that hunger and misery are indifferent to racial and religious affiliation.

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If elected, Obi’s top objective, he said, will be to bring the nation back together and restore peace, regardless of the challenges it currently faces.

He promised to make sure the country’s industry and production capability increases and that the educational system and currency are reinforced.
In his own words: “[The] 2023 elections will be the people’s turn to choose who will lead them, not any candidate’s turn; it is not going to be by tribe or religion because poverty and misery do not recognize such things. Instead, individuals should think about competence, competency, and capacity. It will depend on who has the necessary level of mental and physical stamina.

If elected as Nigeria’s next president, Obi also pledged to make sure the Ibom Deep Seaport continues to run at full capacity and develop Akwa Ibom into an export processing hub.
Earlier, the party’s national chairman, Julius Abure, praised the populace for turning out in large numbers to support the party’s presidential candidate, pledging that if elected, Obi will never betray their confidence.

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Abure advised the people not to vote for candidates who lack the ability to address Nigeria’s problems and who do not have their best interests at heart, attributing the country’s instability and poverty on poor leadership.

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