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2023: PRP female aspirant pledges to ratify diaspora voting

A Presidential aspirant on the platform of the Peoples Redemption Party (PRP), Mrs Patience Key, has vowed to ratify Diaspora voting, in her first 100 days in office, if elected in the 2023 presidential election.

Key made the pledge while answering a question from a participant on Diaspora voting at a virtual consultation with Nigerians in diaspora, seeking their support to achieve her presidential ambition.

Key, who spoke passionately about making Diaspora voting a reality, said Nigerians in diaspora had a great role to play in shaping the future of the country.

“Although Nigerians in the diaspora are unable to vote under the current law, they are encouraged to lend their voice and provide support to us in this journey.

“We are responsible and have the will, answers and competency to deliver excellent governance and the right leadership for Nigeria at this time.

“We appeal to the diaspora community to encourage their families and friends in Nigeria to support our movement and elect us come 2023 while we continue to advocate for Diaspora voting,’’ she said.

Extolling the strength of Nigerians in diaspora who are over 15 million, the aspirant said they remit US$ 25 billion on the average annually to their home country.

“We are economically empowered as well as possessing the needed talents, expertise, transfer of knowledge and needed technology to transform Nigeria’s economy which in turn impacts the citizens – their lives and businesses.

“Nigerians in diaspora are making waves and adding values to their various host countries and communities. We need to remember our origin – Nigeria, the country of our birth.

“The country that started us. We must apply strategies for the growth and development of Nigeria as citizens.’’

Key urged them not shy away from involving in the political process, noting that politics determines daily activities, influences the successes or failures in businesses, educational system, healthcare system, environmental management, and technology.

As a product of the Nigeria diaspora community in the United States, Key said she saw the need to consult with other Nigerians in diaspora to interact, share ideas, ask their support and involve them.

“Since 2014, I have had the opportunity to service the Nigerians in diaspora through the auspices of the Nigerians in Diaspora Organisation (NIDO) Americas, USA.

“I served Nigerians in my local state chapter in Maryland and on the National Board which also connected me with Nigerians globally. I know the strength and influence of Nigerians in diaspora over Nigeria and its people.’’

Mrs Key, the immediate past Chairman of NIDO Americas, USA, said the consultation was one of many discussions with Nigerians in diaspora. hosted by the Patience Ndidi Key (PNK) Team.

“The consultation is consistent with our vision to provide inclusive governance and leadership when elected by Nigerians in the 2023 election.

“Since INEC designated January and February as months for political consultations, we saw it necessary to consult with all Nigerians. Our next event will be a consultation with Nigerians residing in Nigeria,’’ she said.

The New Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that some participants at the virtual meeting praised the courage of Mrs Key for her dream to transform the country, especially via her three-point agenda.

If elected, she promised to implement a three-point agenda of Peace, Equity and Wealth Creation. (P.E.W.).

Mrs Key had on Nov. 23, 2021, declared her intention to run for office of the President of Federal Republic of Nigeria from her ancestral home, Ekekhen in Igueben Local Government Area of Edo State.


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