25 Important Facts About Teachers Everyone Should Know

25 Important Facts About Teachers Everyone Should Know

The role of teachers in society can never be ignored. As they are the core impact of the society at large. However, this article reemphasizes the role of teachers and the importance of teachers: they are:

1) Teachers are builders.

2) Teachers are passionate role models who live by example.

3) Teachers always have patience because that’s one of the criteria to become a good teacher.

4) Teachers are known to always make a difference as they impact lives and touch students into becoming better people.

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5) Teachers are core readers as they’d always want to get better so as to be able to teach effectively.

6) Teachers love students who come to class every day with a good attitude and genuinely want to learn.

7) Teachers are world givers, they give out knowledge freely to their students, loved ones and the society at large.

8) Teachers always get frustrated with students who are unserious about students who are not willing to learn.

9) Teachers always love bright and intelligent students. Students with readiness to learn, people who do not skip classes.

10)Teachers enjoy collaboration, bouncing ideas and best practices off of each other, and supporting each other.

11) Teachers are creative and original. Because each of them have their ways of delivering lessons to students without any of them copying each other or using each other’s method.

12) Teachers evolve. They are always constantly looking for ways to explore and learn so that they can inturn teach the students.

13) Teachers love to be in control. They hate it when things don’t go according to plans.

14) Teachers become irritated when parents abandon their responsibility for their children forgetting that education should also be between parents and their children.

15) Teachers love to be appreciated and valued by the students, parents and school authorities.

16) Teachers are always satisfied once they students are being able to know what they’ve learnt.

17) Teachers are motivators, they motivate they students to become the best version of themselves.

18)Teachers enjoy being asked for input on key decisions that the administration will be making. It gives them ownership in the process.

25 Important Facts About Teachers Everyone Should Know

19) Teachers are hardworking and unique sets of people.

20) Teachers are always willing to learn from the students everyday. All they believe in and know is perfection.

21) Teachers want every child to be successful.

25 Important Facts About Teachers Everyone Should Know

22) They like to engage in productive and meaningful conversation and topics.

23) Teachers are counsellors they understand that students deal with family challenges and emotional abuse of any sort. Most times, the teachers try to help them come out of it and protect the students at all cost.

24) The time in a day is never enough for them they’d always say they need time to do alot of things.

25) Teachers understand the role of education in the society and for students that’s why they don’t take their job for granted.

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