3 Major Teaching strategies that can be used by teachers.

3 major teaching strategies that can be used by teachers.
Teaching strategies are methods and techniques that a teacher will use to support the students through the learning process.

However, a teacher is made to choose the teaching style suitable for a particular lesson to be taught in class. So this article enumerates some teaching styles and strategies to be used to make teaching effective. They are:

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1) Know the students:

This is the most overlooked strategy yet very important. Knowing your audience is very necessary. Know their learning barriers, take time to know each student by their hobbies and interests, or the kinds of things they’ve been learning in school. Know their learning abilities and what ignites their zeal to learn. This is usually very simple you can know a person through asking them personal questions and this should be done from day one is class. This would help you to gain the student’s respect and also know how to deliver your lesson successfully.

3 Major Teaching strategies that can be used by teachers.

2) Effective use of questions:

Questions are deep ways to engage the students in class actively and to put them through critical thinking. Questions like are you sure? How did you arrive at that conclusion? Proof that your answer is correct? These are ways to put a student through a critical thinking and help them come out with the best answers giving reasons why they think it’s so.

However this method does not only help the students understand what is being taught rather it also brings out their confidence in the face of anxiety. Questions like is there any other way? Helps to bring out mutiple ways to tackle a question and with these the learners are following and teaching becomes very effective and easy.

3 major teaching strategies that can be used by teachers.

3) Collaborative learning:

This is kind of idea where students work in a group it’s also called cooperative learning. Here, it’s necessary that teachers focus on well structured task that promote interaction and discussion between people. It’s usually competitive but it helps bring out the best in students and helps them learn faster as ideas are shared and positive discussion and suggestions are made for everyone to learn.

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