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3 signs to know a toxic relationship.

3 signs to know a toxic relationship.

A toxic relationship is constantly draining. Something does not just feel good or right about it. You may still be in love with your partner but you two constantly have issues and you always seem to rub each other the wrong way and can’t just stop arguing over minor issues.

ALSO, the relationship is actually draining and unsafe for anyone to be in. Here are ways to know that you’re in a toxic relationship. They are:

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1) Toxic communications and sarcasm: instead of a meaningful and important conversation that can help your partner grow you two will always discuss toxic things and criticize each other and make sarcasm fueled by contempt. This particular attitude is very toxic as it may show that you do not love your partner. You don’t focus on your partner’s flaws always. Everyone has flaws but constantly reminding them and making jest of theirs will only belittle them. And make them if not strong lose their self-esteem.

3 signs to know a toxic relationship.

2) Envy and jealousy: Jealousy is sometimes good in a relationship but not when it’s too much because it may seem that you do not trust your partner and you do not feel safe with them. Constantly being suspicious may feel that you’re trying to be careful as a result of your past hurt from a toxic relationship. However, bringing those toxic traits to your next relationship will have you partner think if you even trust them or not. On the other hand, being envious over your partner’s achievement is a toxic trait. It may feel that you’re not happy for them or something.


3) Controlling behavior/attitude: You unconsciously get very furious when your partner does not answer your calls or text messages immediately. Without even having to think of maybe they were busy with important things or they weren’t free at the moment. This attitude is always coming as the result of lack of trust, jealousy etc and I suggest that it’s supposed to be controlled. In some cases those advances made to control a partner may result in abusive if not physically but emotionally.

3 signs to know a toxic relationship.

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