4 Tips to Prevent Online Shopping Fraud

Afraid of credit card theft and uncomfortable with the idea of online shopping? To help you purchase intelligently and safeguard yourself, consider the following advice:

1. Speak with your bank or credit card provider to set up a unique, low-limit credit card to be used just for internet transactions.

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The fact that the fraudulent amount would only amount to a few hundred dollars rather than thousands would offer you some peace of mind in the event that your card information is hacked.

Just keep in mind that, for the most part, you are not liable monetarily for fraudulent charges (check your credit card terms).

2. Examine the terms of your credit card. Most businesses won’t hold you financially liable for unauthorized charges. Contact your credit card company right away if you do discover fraudulent transactions.

They’ll delete the charges from your account and put a hold on future transactions. Affidavits stating that the charges were not yours and that you were really legally charged on the account must be signed by you.

4 Tips to Prevent Online Shopping Fraud
4 Tips to Prevent Online Shopping Fraud

3. Use a credit card while shopping online rather than a debit card linked to your checking account. Although the funds in your bank account are often safeguarded against unauthorized charges as well.

The process of having your bank credit your account may take a few weeks. Affidavits must be signed, and there is documentation to complete.

An empty bank account just adds tension to a precarious scenario since you still need to pay your living expenses while you wait for your money to be refunded.

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4. Use an online payment system like Online retailers don’t have access to your credit card information when you use PayPal.

This can lower the danger of fraudulent charges because PayPal transactions demand that you log in and validate each purchase. A Buyer Protection policy is in effect with PayPal.

With all the price reductions and offers one can get online, shopping online may provide you with a far wider range of things and cost you less money. You can maintain the online buying experience enjoyable by using smart purchasing techniques.

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