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5 Mistakes To Avoid In A New Relationship

5 Mistakes to avoid in a new relationship

A mistake is an act or judgment that is misguided or wrong. Mistakes are supposed to be avoided in a new romance so as not to bring negativity or a break-up. Here are some mistakes to avoid in a new romance. They are:

1) Not learning from the past relationship:

it’s very advisable you look at your past relationship. Ask yourself what did I do wrong? Perhaps you always fall in love with people who are unavailable emotionally. Or people who are double dating or two-timing. Check yourself, ask yourself questions like did I ignore red flags, was I too available. Check out these and look forward to improving your new relationship. Work on yourself and have a healthy relationship.

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2) Not letting go of the past affection:

A partner who’s still into her ex will always have to compare her recent date with the former one. This is a very negative threat to your new relationship. You may unconsciously do this in the presence of your partner and that’s a major turn-off. Get over, heal and move on. Do not commit to another while your heart is still somewhere else.

5 Mistakes To Avoid In A New Relati.onship

3) Being too rigid in what you want;

Is actually a great turn-off as you might be showing yourself as an inconsiderable person. Think about your partner too. It’s okay to ask someone a few questions on a first date or at the beginning of new romance but not when you constantly do not have to consider them. It must always be your own decision. It more like you’re being selfish and self-centered. He/she may not feel safe with you. People who are always this way are people who has taken alot of negativity from their previous relationship and they try to make another person suffer for what they know nothing about. It can slowly kill the beautiful intention your partner had for you.

4) Moving too fast:

it’s very advisable you take out time to know your partner well. Okay you may feel he/she is the right person and you do not really want to slow down and that’s wrong. You need to know him/her before they can meet your family, friends etc. Rushing into things that would have come after 3 months of being together can make the relationship crash. Allow it, move slowly, give it time, you have all the time so don’t rush.


5) ignoring red flags:

Reg flags are like signals you get that you’re suppose to back out from the relationship. You may feel that they are too attractive and you can’t leave them but you’d find out later that you should have left initially. Red flags could be him/her acting rude to the people around them, maybe the waitress or another person. And one day they’d act that way towards you too. Reg flags could be your partner constantly talking down on you and making you feel inferior. Act wise, do not ignore any sign because of love. Do not ruin your life just for someone who’d be there for only a while.

5 Mistakes To Avoid In A New Relationship

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