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5 things men need in a relationship.


Whether you’re a man or woman reading this article you’ll agree with me that the inability to communicate what you want in a relationship can make you suffer silently because your emotional needs are not met by your partner.

So this article is written to give ladies a clearer insight into what men actually need in their intimate relationship thereby putting an end to unnecessary breaks, miscommunication, and verbal shutdowns. Here is a list of things men need in a relationship. They are:

1) Respect: Men attribute love to respect.

They always want to be respected by their partner, a man who feels that his partner disapproves of his career, and other things he believes in to be an integral part of who he is as a person will have a hard time trusting and loving his partner. Because he’d feel that you do not respect who he is and might not actually support his dreams, vision, and everything. Also, a man who loves you will always want what is best for you like being disciplined, honest, etc. Hence you’d want to know every move his partner makes and will want to correct her. A man may feel disrespected that you’re actually going against what he thinks is better, here it’s advisable that you give him an important reason and make him see that you’re decision is actually right before you venture into it.

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2) Space:

Men always need breathing room in a relationship, they do not want to be suffocated at all. They need time for their career, hobby, time with friends and family, time to toil away on projects to feel fulfilled. So let him roam, give him space, trust that he’s not cheating, do no suspect him at all. A man must fulfill his purpose and dreams hence, he needs space. He’ll be much happier knowing that you trust the bond you two share and you believe in him to always be disciplined where ever he goes. Following up a man may be disrespectful and may feel you think he is indecisive about somethings in life. Give him space to grow like the man he is.

3) Emotional intimacy:

Men tend to loosen up with time emotionally in a relationship while women loosen up sexually with time. Emotional intimacy to a man means emotional security. A man is trained never to be weak from birth. Hence, they’d only confide in you about how they feel when they are emotionally secured with you. Emotional intimacy is not pushing him away at his weakest, emotional intimacy is listening to his inner troubles and even if you can’t profer solutions but you can encourage him. Emotional intimacy to a man is trusting that you’re always his back up and that you’re always available to hear him out without being judgemental. In his imperfections she should be held at arm’s length emotionally.


4) Constant reassurance and approval:

Men need constant reassurance on their sexual prowess, career paths, their attractiveness etc because they have infamously tender egos. I hear people say that women needs more reassurance than a man but this is not true it’s vice versa. You have to constantly tell him what you love about him. Do not always be negative. Remember women are builders and you should make it your priority to build your man’s self esteem. Your praise won’t make him cocky, it will only make him feel loved and valued. The more praise them the more it shows that they are safe with you and that you value them.

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5) Peace of mind: Every partner not just men love and value peace.

This is attributed to respect too. If you respect him it means peace. Peace of mind is when you’re sensitive about his dislikes, sensitive enough to know that you do not have to be toxic. Sensitive to always being positive. They’d always be a problem when he’s back to find out you’re still being around the guy he earned you about and it’s not going to be peaceful at all. Also men hates a nagging woman, a woman who constantly put them on pressure. Be a contented person, do not nag, just be positive and understanding hence you’re creating a peaceful and accommodating atmosphere for him.

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