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555 Opulence unveils fall collection for 2022, CDTS line

In Istanbul, the streetwear fashion label 555 Opulence debuted its autumn 2022 collection.

on September 2, 2022, in Turkey.

Every item in the CDTS collection, which consists of urban clothing

such as t-shirts, bucket hats, and trucker hats have stunning hand-drawn artwork and intricately colored and textured fabrics.
The CDTS is already a bestseller, has experienced online notoriety, and may be a limited edition.


Favour Omokafe, the brand’s director, said this about the collection: “The Carpe Deim that Shit collection aims to remind people that the intricacies of human emotions are part of who we are even though they can often be perplexing and unpleasant.
“This capsule collection was created by us as an essential component of emotional health knowledge to assist identify the various emotions we encounter every day. Each piece of art was created in Turkey by hand as well. It really is a unique assortment.

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Before the year is out, the fashion brand is apparently planning some hot joint initiatives.

One of them entails a lavish end-of-year pop-up in Istanbul, Turkey, and Lagos, Nigeria. As it would be a one-of-a-kind event, A-listers from the fashion and entertainment industries are expected to attend.

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