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7 Great Tips for a healthy relationship.

If there’s anything anyone should ever wish to have is having a healthy relationship. A healthy relationship keeps you happy, your mental health will always be guarded.

You know that life becomes worth living when you have a healthy relationship. However, this article is written to give tips for a healthy relationship. They are:

1) Be real: Being realistic is the sole of every healthy relationship.

You cannot keep pretending and living a fake life and later expect that your partner would be the better. Once your partner finds out your being fake he or she is going to walk away. Imagine being with a person who talks good of you when you’re there and says bad things about you in your absence, such a person is not worth keeping.

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2) Be positive: Hence the popular saying positive vibes only.

No one will like to be with a person who says only negative things. Remember there’s power in spoken words. Affirm positivity, your partner needs to feel safed and loved with you.

3) Trust the process:

Trusting the process is a whole lots of work but it can be made easy. Do you constantly reassure your partner that you believe in him/her? Do you remind them that you trust the process? Are they safed with you? This shouldn’t be done only in speech but also in your actions. Trust them and stand by them, do not disrespect them while trusting the process. Trusting them means loyalty.

4) Be fair: Being fair is being transparent and balanced.

Being fair is not being an hypocrite. Do you advice your partner to do this while you do the exact opposite? Do you think about your partner will taking any step you want to? What if they go ahead with their decisions without informing you will it be fair? Being fair is love, it is consideration, it is uniqueness and trust.

5) Take responsiblilty for your mistakes or better still apologize:

Taking responsibility for your mistakes is changing and owning up to the situation, and trying to sought it out. Apologize if you’ve done something wrong. It goes a long way towards making things right again. ” I’m sorry please it’s not going to happen again, and how can I make this right” this way shows humility, repentance and respect.


6) Be dependable:

being dependable means someone counting on you. If you make plans with someone make it work, if you take responsibility, complete it. If you make promises do not break it. Let your words count do not just be an unserious person make it work!

7) Be flexible:

I understand that sometimes we do not want to be flexible because you do not want someone to take advantage of your flexibility but I think that is not completely right. Rather you should know when to be flexible, how to be flexible etc. Flexibility matters, being rigid in a relationship won’t solve anything rather it will make it worst. Flexibility depicts that you trust him enough to not break your heart and it’s damn sexy.

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