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7 Signs Of A Fake Girlfriend

7 signs of a fake girlfriend.
Being fake has everything to do with the mind and how a person feels about you. If you’re reading this article I assume you’re inexperience in relationship and probably wants a guide to know if you’re truly in a good one or not. It’s very pathetic that most guys cannot differentiate a real girlfriend from a fake one maybe it’s because they’re being manipulated to believe that she’s actually in love with them. This article is guide you on the right path to follow. Here are a list of signs to know a fake girlfriend. They are;
1) A girl who lies alot: A girlfriend who constantly tell a lie is a fake girlfriend and most especially a cheat. She cheats she lies to cover up that she’s cheating. Note that this particular kind of girl is not a serious one at all maybe she might be confused of whom to be with. Also she can lie to you for personal issues and family issues. Things she wouldn’t want you to find out about that’s because she doesn’t see a future with you and would want to keep these personal things a secret. A girl can also lie about her past, secrets and some dirty risks she took in the past maybe because she does not feel the need of telling you and may feel you’d be judgemental. All these are signs that she’s fake, because love conquers everything and you should always confide in the one you love irrespective of whatever secret it is.
2) Broken Promises: A fake girlfriend will always not keep to her promise. That’s because her mind isn’t there. And she cannot keep a promise with someone she’s not determine to be committed to. She’d always find it hard to. Notice that she’d not even be remorseful she didn’t keep the promise and if you look deep into it you’ll realize she totally forgot about all the promises she made. This is because they weren’t important to her and she can’t value it or keep to it.
3) Already has a backup plan: A fake girlfriend already has a back up plan. She’s always ready to move on at any slightest provocation. That’s because she keeps too many male friends who are just by the corner waiting for her to holla. This type of woman has no loyalty at all as she has too many options and does not value you. Maybe she’s just with you because of the benefits she gets from you.
4) self centered and selfish: A fake girlfriend is always selfish because she’s not thinking about her partner but only herself. They have this fake slogan that ” it’s only the responsibility of a guy to cater for his girl” but yet they forget that giving should be both ways. This is an emotional blackmail and a very selfish agenda. A real girlfriend will always support her man and gift him atleast once in a while.
5) Hypocrite: She’d always warn you about seeing your ex, keeping a female best friend, having a close female collaugue, having a school daughter etc but yet she’s doing all of these. She’s not living by example. This is somewhat controlling and a dent on the guy’s mental health. Avoid toxic and hypocritical partners at all cost it always do not end well.
6) A gold digger: A girl who does not constantly consider if you have or not. She’s always putting you in unnecessary pressure financially because she wants to statisfy her taste for expensive things. Some would even threaten to leave the relationship for a wealthier man, whom she would not even consider whether has a girlfriend or a wife. Kings, do not put yourself in this kind of situation it would never end well. Remember you need a builder as a girl not a destroyer. She’d always walk away the day you go broke.
7) Prideful: A girlfriend who is prideful is fake and toxic. She can never apologize when she’s wrong. She would always want to go to classy and standard restaurant not cheap ones. She will look down on you when things goes soar. And might not want to entertain any thing that is not up to her standard. Kings always avoid a fake girl, protect your mental health at all cost.

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