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8 Toxic Threats To Relationship.

8 Toxic Threats To Relationship.

If you are in a relationship, here is a topic not to let go. This could be things you do unconsciously, not knowing it’s hurting your partner or inflicting pain on them. They are;

1) Not letting go of your past;

The past could be pains that might have been inflicted on a partner by another, maybe his/her ex, and so on. Most people find it difficult to let go and also accept what is at the present. Some partners still get attached to their ex, do not let go of old memories and fun. All these are barriers and limitations. Also, acting based on your past experience with someone is a serious relationship threat and it can lead to break up.

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2 )Broken/failed promises;

Promises are never meant to be broken especially in a serious relationship. When you constantly break promises, this is a reg flag hence a toxic threat to your relationship. Your partner constantly getting disappointed shouldn’t be something to be happy about. He/she may feel you’re not serious and at such you’re taking them for granted.

3) Unrealistic expectations;

Do not expect too much from your partner. When there’s too much expectations it’s bound for one party to be hurt as your partner is human and might not be able to meet up with all these expectations. This remains a toxic threats to your relationship.

4) infidelity/ cheating;

Having an affair outside your marriage/relationship is enough toxic threat already to the relationship. As it breeds jealousy, dishonesty, disrespect and confusion. When once your partner questions your trust, it shakens the bond.

8 Toxic threats to relationship.
8 Toxic threats to relationship.

5) Pride;

Even the Bible says that pride comes before a fall .You cannot put in pride in your relationship and expect it to work well. when you love you’re to put pride aside as it may make your partner feel inferior and less of themselves when these happens, that’s a big threat to your relationship.


6) Fear of commitment; i

f you’re afraid of being committed to a relationship why go into it? Fear destroys alot of good things. A partner who allows previous experiences to weigh him/her down may as well not notice when it’s affecting the relationship.

7) Assumptions;

You don’t assume anything in a relationship. You speak out! Speak out your worries, speak out your fears, let your partner know how you feel about anything. Relationship should be devoid of assumptions. Assumptions signifies reg flag and a big threat to any relationship.

8) Being selfish;T

his is also being self-centered. You can’t be selfish and expect the other party to be generous. Even God gave his only son to depict that he loves the world. It’s not enough to show your partner love by just attention, giving is another relationship facilitator.

8 Toxic threats to relationship.

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