8 Ways To Be A Good Teacher

8 Ways To Be A Good Teacher.

Teachers are role depicts, and of course, the show depicts what they portray. Being a good teacher is a task that can be done effectively if you actually know what to do. Here are ways in which one can be a good teacher. They are;

1) Be a good communicator;

Teachers are speakers. Because their task demands them speaking to people which are the students. You must be a good communicator so as to relate well with the students and carry out your work effectively. Speaking must be in you, you have to do this fluently and easily. Remember your work is teaching and teaching is speaking effectively.

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2) Be a good listener;

A teacher must also be a good listener so as to be able to listen to the plight of the students. The students count on the teacher and see them as their helpers. You have to pay attention to the students so as to help them clearify issues and answer thier questions well. A good teacher is a good listener, remember that listening and speaking are core skills needed in your profession.

3) Be Engaging:

Actively engaging the students is a way of learning. Students could learn through classwork, assignment, brain drills and even asking questions in class. Engaging the students is not excluded in teaching. As it is necessary for teaching to become effective.

8 Ways To Be A Good Teacher

4) Have Patience;

Patience is a virtue that should not be overlooked. Students are learners and it takes patience for the students to learn. A good teacher should learn to be patience, even do the work or procedure might become too bulky, you still have to excersize patience to be able to give out what you have.

5) Be prepared;

You’re teaching and you have to be prepared. Make proper lesson notes and evaluation. Follow up step by step procedure to teaching. Be prepared to face your student, be prepared to guide your students, be prepared to answer questions and teach. That is who a good teacher is. Always prepared.


6) Understand your students and be easily accessible;

A good teacher always understand. As understanding works hand in hand with patience. When you always understand your students you’ll always be at their mercy and that will make you easily accessible. A good teacher should not judge or discriminate a student who is not knowledgeable enough. You have to understand that every student has their flaws and also with time they can only get better.

7) Be adaptable; Adaptation is all you need to be good.

Adapt to the nature of students, and make them understand that they are free to come you when need be. Students are playful, you can use a playful method to pass your lesson. Students love stories, you can communicate your lesson effectively by putting some little stories. A good teacher should adapt. Look at the age range of the students and know how to deal with people of such grades.

8) Be a good counsellor/advicer;

Students can make mistakes and come to confide in you. A good teacher is not judgemental. You’re to advice them, correct them and be who they want. With this, most issues in the society would be tamed, because teachers are builders and moulders. They mould a student to a better person to affect the society positively and at such they are good counsellors too.

8 Ways To Be A Good Teacher

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