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8 Ways To Becoming His Miss Right.

8 Ways To Becoming His Miss Right.

If you’re reading this content I’m sure you’re already in a relationship and might be looking for ways to make your relationship right or ways to become his perfect woman. Here are some things to do to become his miss right. They are;

1) Trust him;

Trusting someone comes with giving him space to be himself. Allow him do what he wants to do, allow him to be himself. Show that you trust him enough he’d feel his safe with you and at such cannot misbehave. But the moment you start stalking him and checking if he’s cheating or something he might feel he’s unsafe with you and that there’s no point being with someone who doesn’t trust him. It also feels like you’re caging him.

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2) Build up a pleasing personality;

Be the girl who’d always be proud of, the girl he wants to show the whole world. Keep yourself busy being productive, do not be a partner who only depends on him but cannot contribute to him. Let him know he’s safe with a smart and beautiful personality and be proud to have you.

3) Encourage him;.

Encouragement is a strong role in every relationship. If your partner doesn’t feel like he’s the best person in the world having you then who will. Have his back always. Encourage him despite the challenges he’s facing and so on. Let him feel that he really can achieve a thing if he keeps trying. Showing him that you have his back irrespective of anything.


4) Be witty and intelligent;

An intelligent person does not necessarily have to be someone who knows everything but at least someone who’s aware of happenings around him and can communicate well. You do not have to be a scientist rather you could know a few things and know them well.

8 Ways To Becoming His Miss Right.

5) Let him be the man in the relationship;

Men will always want to sense they are the ones being in charge in the relationship. Give him the privilege of being that man. By being respectful, discipline and humble. Two masters cannot be together, let him be in control of the relationship and you can become his best girl.


6) Take care of yourself and your man;

Do you just stay there and not look good in the inside and outside? No! He may walk away as he’d feel you do not love yourself enough. Actively engage yourself, feel good about yourself and work out be positive. When you do this you’d be able to make him feel he should be this way too and by that he’d become appreciative that he’s with you and you’re his best girl.

8 Ways To Becoming His Miss Right.

7) Do not give him reasons to be jealous;

In as much as you’re a lady other guys will come chasing but remember you have a man. Giving him reasons to be jealous can create assumptions and this role is very bad. He might assume you’re same way with everyone and that can cause a big hindrance to becoming his miss right. Remember that being his perfect partner comes with alot of goodness and privileges, so you have to be you and good too.

8) Be the friend he always wanted to have;

Here is the task but at the end it’s always comes out well. There should be alot of connection and deep interest between you two. You’re there to build and not just there as a tool. Keep the fire burning, ignite everything. Confide in him and let him have reasons to do same too. Remember that a partner is a best friend and also a confidant.

8 Ways To Becoming His Miss Right.

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