8 Ways To Make Learning Effective.

8 Ways To Make Learning Effective.

Often times Teachers and educational facilitators are always bothered about this question. How do I make learning effective? Here are some of the ways to make learning effective and have productive students

1) Compliments and motivation;

Learning cannot be effective without compliments and students’ motivation. Because a child who does not receive enough motivation may feel he/she isn’t doing well and it may affect the child’s psychology which in turn makes them shift their attention from learning. Every child needs the motivation to remain focused in their academic pursuit.

2) Remove all distractions;

Students are always easily distracted either by the state of their environment, papers or by a fellow student hence the learning might not be effective. A teacher should always take away every form of distractions amongst the students, be it their fellow students you could separate them from sitting together in order to enable effective learning.

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3) Actively engage the students; A child will never forget the lesson taught if he had answered or asked questions in class. You can engage the students by giving assignment, giving class activity, giving brain drills and other class room activities. Here, the Students will feel a sense of belonging and participation and this will inturn make learning effective.

8 Ways To Make Learning Effective.
8 Ways To Make Learning Effective.

4) Be competent; As the saying goes you cannot give what you don’t have. A teacher must have a vital information to give before going to the classroom. The students needs to trust your words and competence. And at a such for learning to be effective the teacher needs to be properly sound to be able to teach effectively.

5) Describe activity,

expectations and evaluation; This usually comes at the beginning of every lesson. This is an effective way to introduce a lesson so as to arouse their quest for learning. Here the teacher must be able to break down vital information to the students and make them interested in the lesson to come. Describe activity and what is expected of them at the end of the lesson. This aids effective learning.

6) Ensure everyone is paying attention;

Here, I’d call it being in control of your class. Do not teach in a noisy and roudy environment. Make your lesson count, be intentional about the whole lesson. Give the students reasons to pay attention not just making them pay attention. This inturn will aid effective learning.


7) Begin with a highly motivated activity;

You could start by telling the students a short story of a person who succeeded because he/she was always focused. Focusing on just the lesson till the end could make the class boring and the students lost. You could give little prices like a pen and notebook to a student who scored the highest in your previous class work. Start with a highly motivated activity so learning could be effective.

8) lessons should be built upon prior students knowledge;

Teachers should not just introduce a new topic. Ask questions on what was taught previously and then build on that. This ties the knot between previous lesson and new lesson and makes the students eager to learn something new. Remember an entirely new topic that is not built upon students previous knowledge can cause confusion and an uproar and this might not make learning effective.

8 Ways To Make Learning Effective.

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