Amuwo Odofin LGA: Fadairo Jamiu APC party Chairman vows to bring peace into the Party

Adm Fadairo Olawunmi Jamiu

Adm Fadairo Olawunmi Jamiu, the newly elected APC party Chairman in Amuwo Odofin L.G.A. has vowed to bring peace into the Party.

He also emphasized that the electoral victory in the forthcoming 2023 elections, particularly the Presidential ticket of Asiwaju Dr. Bola Ahmed Tinubu will be the most achievable agenda.

There is frequently a man of the hour at a vital point in the lives of institutions, groups, or even nations. However, whether the hour creates the man or the man generates the social, economic, and political factors that push him to greatness is debatable.

However, in rare circumstances, you might have the exception of a guy who is both a product and a producer of the forces that decide the necessary adjustments and growth path.

Positive and profound changes necessitate a climb up the mountain. Because vested interests, entrenched society magnates, and idea assassins are bound to oppose you.

Such a change agent must be a man of vision and change, devotion, commitment, broad-mindedness, bigheartedness, and foresight.

A man who is willing to make a sacrifice and whose critical assessment of the situation will lead him to re-adjust and accommodate without losing focus and effectiveness.

While he also thank Party Men and Women for their resolve to entrench the fundamental principles of Our party Constitution and guidelines.
APC My Party, APC Your Party, APC Our Party.

By Chuks Nwoko



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